Trombone Quartet Series

A great series of charts for unaccompanied trombone quartet

"These charts were a part of the sensational trombone quartet CD recording "Trombania" (available on SeaBreeze Records). I became involved in the project when I was commissioned to write the "Trombania Suite" for the recording session. It gave me a chance to write for my own instrument and for a group of superb professional players. I think this is some of the best trombone quartet music available today." ..... Bob Curnow

Impression of a Parade - arr. Mike Suter - Grade 4 - SMP 904 - $32.00

This is a new, "legit" piece based on the "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" theme. This fantasia, as originally written for brass quintet by Samuel Baron, is a wonderful arrangement which will be a challenge for young players. (on demo CD 105)

Lassus Trombone - arr. Mike Suter - Grade 4 - SMP 905 - $32.00

When Henry Fillmore wrote this tune in the late 1800's, he could never have imagined what the National Slide Quartet would do with it. This version is fast, exciting, and it's jazz! A flag waver! (on demo CD 105)

South of the Border Suite - Part One - Tommy Pederson - Grade 4 - SMP 902 - $42.00

This is Part One (the 1st three movements) of a six-movement suite by Tommy. It is a musical trek through South America, including tastes of Panama and Honduras. Challenging and exciting music for trombone quartet. (on demo CD 105)

Trombania Suite - Bob Curnow - Grade 4 - SMP 901 - $32.00

A four movement suite (Anthem, Dance, Lullaby, March) for unaccompanied trombone quartet. An internationally respected trombonist/educator has this to say: 

"Thanks so much for sending me your Trombania Suite. What a nice piece - rather straight ahead, playable, listenable, interesting, and it shows off the trombone short, a quality piece with both beauty and substance without going off the deep end!".....Buddy Baker (University of Northern Colorado) (on demo CD 104)