Jazz Classics and New Composers Series

These two series include many wonderful charts by many different composers/arrangers.
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BASIE'S BARBEQUE - Gary Slavo - Grade 2-3 - SMP 128 - $37.00
In the Basie Tradition....a wonderful, melodic, sensitive, swing ballad a la Li'l Darlin'. Move over, Mr. Hefti! Here is a brand new addition to the genre of charts which has become so popular over the years. Included with the parts and full score are teaching tools which will help even the youngest players grasp the feel of this tune. Another great festival choice! (8 brass) Full Score

BLACK BOTTOM STOMP - "Jelly Roll" Morton /arr. Stock - Grade 4-5 - SMP 171 - $47.00
This chart is destined to become a best-seller because of its unique and exciting format ... an orchestration of Jelly Roll Morton's original recording of one of his most famous compositions. The arranger has successfully captured the spirit of the '20's with the modern big band. Scored for 5 woodwinds (incl. clarinet and 2 soprano saxes) 6 brass and 4 rhythm, this is one piece that your band and audiences will ask for again and again. (on Demo CD 105)

BLUE FOR YOU - Loran McClung - SMP 114 - Grade 4-5 - $42.00
This wonderfully tasteful jazz waltz has been featured at the Playboy Jazz Festival, performed by many All-State Jazz Ensembles, and is played regularly by the U.S. ARMY JAZZ AMBASSADORS! Solos for Tenor and Trombone. (10 brass) Full Score.

BLUES FOR HAYDEN - Matso Limtiaco - SMP 139 - Grade 2-3 - $37.00
Everyone who hears this tune loves it! It has a neat, unique feel to it, and it is a wonderful teaching tool for young players. Lots of options for solos, chord sheets for all players, very limited ranges ... all make this a very playable piece. This is one of those tunes that your band, regardless of age and experience, will love to play. (7 brass) Full Score (on Demo CD 103)

CHRYSALIS - John Oddo - SMP 106 - Grade 6 - $42.00
From the pen of one of the best composers in the jazz field. Oddo is best known for his many contributions to the library of the Woody Herman Band. This exquisite piece is a first place winner in the IAJE composition contest. It has been performed at the IAJE convention and throughout the country. It combines a ballad opening with a ROARING, UP-TEMPO middle section featuring a small front line group (tenor, trumpet and/or trombone). (8 brass) Full score

NERKMOBILE - Neal Finn - SMP 108 - Grade 4-5 - $39.00
An IAJE composition contest winner, this tune is best described as a "Basie-type" swinger. Solo space for Piano, Tenor, Trombone, & Drums. Excellent showcase for your band's ensemble playing. (8 brass w/opt. 10) Full Score

TEMPLE STREET - Dale Wilson - SMP 161 - Grade 4-5 - $67.00
This composer won the Gil Evans Fellowship with this composition. It is printed exactly as recorded by the North Texas One O'Clock Lab Band. An absolutely magnificent chart. Features trumpet, tenor and piano solos, and a melodic and harmonic scheme which makes this piece fresh, unique and modern. On the Lab '93 CD. (10 brass) Full Score (on Demo CD 104)


These are WONDERFUL CHARTS ..... fresh, imaginative and very playable, by Paul Ferguson and David Jones


"I love getting the music of the "lesser-known" composers into print. I select very carefully what we do publish, and I am very pleased with these charts from, Paul Ferguson and David Jones." ...... Bob Curnow


Paul Ferguson

Paul has just had his first CD of his own music recorded in Germany (and available form Sierra). His talent has earned him the IAJE Gil Evans Fellowship award. He is the Jazz instructor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. He writes a number of commissions each year, and is instrumental in the great success of the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra.


Blue Highways - Paul Ferguson - SMP-169 - Grade 4-5 - $57.00
This chart is the one that won Paul Ferguson the coveted IAJE Gil Evans Fellowship Award. It is a terrific "down-home, dirty" blues-ish chart which swings and swings! The chart begins with a "bluesy" bass line that occurs throughout the piece. Features a trumpet solo. Paul has written powerfully voiced chords which sound sensational without a lot of really high-range playing by the brass. He is one of America's new, up-and-coming jazz composers. Full score included. (on Demo CD 105)

Nighthawks - Paul Ferguson - SMP-228 - Grade 4-5 - $47.00
This is the second movement of the suite Paul wrote as a result of his winning the Gil Evans Fellowship sponsored by IAJE. It is a wonderfully moody, slow, bluesy composition which features alto saxophone. A great piece to program because of the uniqueness of the sound and the fact that the brass can rest a bit. Marvelous tone colors as always with Paul. 5-4-4-3 (on Demo CD 107)

Rooms for Tourists - Paul Ferguson - SMP 229 - Grade 5 - $57.00
This is a wonderful, new chart by the recent winner of the Gil Evans Fellowship sponsored by the IAJE. Paul Ferguson is an exciting, young jazz composer with a very bright future. This chart, the 3rd movement of Paul's suite that he wrote for the IAJE commission, is a bright, latin tune which features tenor saxophone, flugel-horn, trombone and drums. A full professional recording is available. 5-5-4-3 (on Demo CD 107)


David Jones

David's interests are very eclectic, having composed for many different types of musical groups. Jones takes a very fresh approach to scoring for Jazz Ensemble. His music is mature, well-crafted, original and very clever. Dr. Jones earned his advanced degrees at the University of Indiana.

Oolitic Stomp - SMP-195 - Grade 4 - $47.00
Written for and dedicated to the Bob Curnow Big Band, here is one of the most refreshing charts written in years!! David Jones has created a chart with a character all its own. There is solo space for trombone, trumpet, piano and bass. The ensemble parts are not difficult to play. It opens with the rhythm section laying down the "groove" and it cooks on from there, using a very unique rhythmic scheme. 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 107)