All charts are Grade 3-4, are written for 8 brass, and come with a Full Score unless indicated otherwise.

Alterior Motif - SMP 226 - Grade 4 - $52.00
This is about an 8-minute, multi-sectional composition. It is beautifully melodic and interesting, while moving from mood to mood and using various tempi and styles. It is a terrific piece to program because it is so unique, and it does not require a lot of high note playing in the brass. Optional doubles in woodwinds. 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 107)

Back in Blue Orleans - Les Hooper - Grade 4/5 - SMP 747 - $55.00
As recorded on the new Les Hooper Big Band  CD "Out of the Woods," this hot, blues shuffle is full of energy and good ol' down-home funky blues.  This is a VERY exciting chart, with solo space for alto and guitar.  There are a lot of wonderful brass figures, and the tune is carried mostly by the unison saxes. This would make a great "opener" or "closer."  You'll have a great time in Blue Orleans.   (on demo CD 116)

Bach's Lunch - SMP 123 - $42.00
Your audiences will love this clever baroque flavored chart. If you choose, you may also feature a separate woodwind quartet (2 flutes, 2 clarinets) within the structure of the piece. A very neat addition to any program and a chance to involve other students in your jazz program. (Full score incl.)

Bleep Blop - Les Hooper - Grade 4/5 - SMP 744 - $55.00
As recorded on the new Les Hooper Big Band  CD "Out of the Woods," this clever, quirky, swinging chart is terrific. Alto, tenor, trumpet and trombone state the tune, with interjections by the rest of the band.   There is solo space from trumpet, trombone and drums. After the solos the full ensemble roars through a harmonization of the tune. Terrific!  This chart is fresh and exciting.  You'll love it.  (on demo CD 116)

Bunch of Blues - SMP 144 - $42.00
Just what it sounds like ... a blues chart to end all blues charts! This is a "must have" for any jazz library. You'll find the Bb blues changes available to soloists of your choice, with great ensemble writing from one of America's premier jazz composers. (on Demo CD 103) (condensed score)

Chicken Polo - SMP 163 - $47.00
A terrific funk chart! Lots of space for optional solos. A rhythmic creation by Les which is the epitome of the big band funk tune. (full score incl.).(on Demo CD 104)

Circumvent - SMP 148 - $32.00
There is always room for a jazz waltz, and you will love this one. There is lots of solo space, flexible and available. This was featured on Hooper's first LP "Look What They've Done", on Creative World. (on Demo CD 103) (condensed score)

Cool School Dropout - Les Hooper - Grade 3/4 - SMP 745 - $55.00
This is exactly as recorded on the Hooper CD "Out of the Woods."  It is a wonderful piece at a medium swing tempo, with a great feel, fresh harmonic content, lots of clever lines and solo space for tenor saxophone.  There are also short drum solo breaks.  The great thing about this chart is how fresh it sounds, how "hip" it is, and HOW EASY it is to play.  The ranges are very modest (1st tpt. only an A above the staff).  (on demo CD 116)

Dorian Blue - SMP 352 - Grade 5 - $77.00

A monumental piece of big band jazz. This was written for Les' fantastic Chicago band. It is an extensive work (about 12 minutes) which features trumpet (or flugelhorn) throughout in various settings and styles, based on one of the most beautiful melodies Les has ever written. There are also piano solos. Woodwind players must be good doublers and it is well worth the effort. This is certainly one of Hooper's most dynamic and interesting creations (among a great many)! As recorded on the "Dorian Blue" LP. 5-4-4-3 (on Demo CD 109)

Emily - arr. by Les Hooper - SMP 150 - $42.00

This standard is made even more beautiful with this Hooper arrangement. A trumpet feature throughout. Begins with the plaintive tune as a slow ballad. (full score incl.). (on Demo CD 104)

Fast Forward - SMP 151 - $47.00
An up-tempo be-bop type chart, with the clever, interesting writing we have come to expect from Les Hooper. (on Demo CD 104) (condensed score)

Groovemeister - SMP 350 - Grade 4-5 - $52.00
Les comes up with another sensational showpiece for your band. The brass ranges are very reasonable. Lots of solo space for whomever you wish to feature. A great Opener for a festival appearance! BRAND NEW! 5-4-4-3 (on Demo CD 108)

Havin' A Good Time - SMP 164 - $42.00
The title says it all! Your band and your audience will have a good time with this chart by Les! It is a Latin-rock setting of a very "hip"tune. Lots of counterpoint and excitement. Space for tenor sax solo andothers as you might choose. As recorded on Les' LP "Dorian Blue". (Churchill Records) (on Demo CD 105) (condensed score)

Hexagon Mat Dance - SMP 167 - $42.00
As recorded on Les' LP "Dorian Blue" (Churchill Records). A nice, bright, samba-like chart featuring soloists of your choice. The unison saxophone line sets the pace for the rest of the piece, with exciting brass "punches" and counter lines. Try it, you'll like it! (on Demo CD 105) (condensed score)

I Love You - arr. by Les Hooper - SMP 147 - $52.00
This Cole Porter tune has become a jazz standard because of a great melody and great changes. Now we have a superb big band chart that really cooks! Hooper does not demand a lot of high notes, but the chart is a masterpiece of contrapuntal ingenuity. You'll love it! A great Opener! Featured on the Hooper recording "Anything Goes". (full Score incl.) (on Demo CD 103)

Local Time - Les Hooper- Grade 3 - SMP 209 - $47.00

Once again Hooper leads the way with a chart that is simple to play but still great to listen to and to play. Solo space is open for Trumpet or others at your discretion. This chart has limited ranges, (occasional written D above the staff for 1st Tpt. but generally much lower) but not limited musicality or charm. This has a sort of Basie-ish sense to it but also a certain "hipness." 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 113)

Lost in the Shuffle - SMP 145 - $42.00

One of the "Basie-style" charts that Les is so great at writing.Piano is featured, along with not-difficult ensemble passages that will highlight the "tightness" of your ensemble. Very reasonable brass ranges throughout. (on Demo CD 103) (condensed score)

Miles Back - Les Hooper - Grade 3/4 - SMP 746 - $55.00
This is exactly as recorded on the new Les Hooper Big Band CD "Out of the Woods."  It is a wonderful piece, written in an easy swing tempo, with a great feel, fresh harmonic content, lots of clever lines and solo space for trumpet, trombone and bass.  Very reasonable ranges (1st tpt. high B only) and rhythms make this a very easy piece to play, but it has musical qualities and integrity which will meet the demands of even the most accomplished ensembles.  This is surely true of all of Les's music. (on demo CD 116)

Momentum - Les Hooper - Grade 4 - SMP 246 - $52.00
Les has come up with another new, wonderful, medium-up-swing chart that will surely be a best-seller. The tune is almost celtic in its style, and the solo section in the middle of the chart is flexible enough to fit anyone's needs. There are terrific ensemble figures that are exciting and powerful. This is Hooper at his best! 5-4-4-4

Munchy the Mouse - Les Hooper - Grade 4 - SMP 212 - $52.00
This chart is a play on "Minnie the Mooch" and somewhat set in that era. It's a modern day Swing chart with bebop roots.  The chart sounds old fashioned and modern all at the same time.  It has modern elements mixed with an older style.  The groove under the main "head" is a touch Latin, but mostly a Jazz feel, not unlike Hooper's great arrangement of "Green Dolphin Street." Solos for trumpet and alto saxophone (or anyone you wish).  This chart is a blast!  5-4-4-4

New Suit for Zoot  - Grade 4  - SMP 213  - $57.00
Les has created another techno-swing chart that has overtones of the old swing band style, but it is set very much in modern day fashion.  The "open" solo section can feature any one or a number of soloists..... your choice. You'll love the quiet, swinging ensemble section. Very reasonable ranges throughout.  This chart is a blast!  5-4-4-4   (on Demo CD 115)

On Green Dolphin Street - arr. by Les Hooper - SMP 154 - $52.00

This is a dazzling arrangement of the great jazz standard. With a mix of Latin and swing, Les has created a special setting of this favorite of jazz players. (on Demo CD 104) (condensed score)

Opus III - SMP 166 - Grade 4 - $47.00

This is Hooper at his best ...... musical, clever and always very interesting. An exciting and different piece with a latin feel. Features alto sax. As recorded on the "Look What They've Done" LP. 5-4-4-3 (on Demo CD 109)

Poultry Guest - SMP 153 - $42.00
Les calls this "funky, fire-spitting rock"! This is another off the Hooper "chicken rock" charts. The style that Hooper has created in this type of tune is very unique and very exciting! (full score incl.).(on Demo CD 104)

Rooster Parade - SMP 152 - $42.00
Lots of strutting, plucking and general good feeling in this one. Maybe the last of the Hooper "chicken charts". Always room for plenty of improvisation and roaring ensembles, blasting through the high-energy lines. (full score incl.). (on Demo CD 104)

Shortest Dissonance Between Two Points , The - Grade 3 - SMP 353 - $47.00 (a string bass feature)

Les Hooper has a way of creating charming, interesting and playful music and not making it too hard to play. This chart is very easy to play in terms of rhythm and ranges. The solo bass part, however, will require a player who has a reasonable skill level on the instrument. There is an open section in the middle of the chart for the bass soloist. Bass is featured throughout. Bass features are hard to find! 5-4-4-3 (on Demo CD 110)

Shuffluphagass - Les Hooper - Grade 4/5 - SMP 110 - $42.00
This is a new edition (Finale computer notation) of this great swing/shuffle chart by Les. There is solo space for tenor, trumpet, trombone and piano.  This intense, swinging, shuffle-blues will bring your audiences to their feet. Les has created a dynamic, exciting chart that sounds a lot harder than it really is.  (on demo CD 116)

Skintone - SMP 351 - Grade 4 - $47.00
This up-dated issue of the former Creative World chart is Hooper at his best ...... musical, clever and always very interesting. The "open" solo section is a blues and gives your players a chance to romp. As recorded on the "Look What They've Done" LP. 5-4-4-3 (on Demo CD 108)

Soft Touch - SMP 146 - $42.00
This is a lovely, bossa-type ballad which is captured by soft sounds from the whole band, especially flugelhorns. There is ample space for a trombone solo, and there are optional flute parts. Les does it again with another marvelous original piece which will warm your heart. (on Demo CD 103) (condensed score)

Softness - SMP 162 - $42.00

Les has written a thoughtful, lovely Latin tune. Flugelhorns can be used to create a warm, pretty sound. You'll really like programming this one. (on Demo CD 104) (condensed score)

When We're Together - Les Hooper - Grade 3-4 - SMP 247 - $47.00
As recorded on the Les Hooper Big Band's "Anything Goes", this is a lovely, contemporary, rock ballad, which features alto saxophone throughout. The band parts are very simple in content and easy to play, yet the tune and orchestration is sophisticated and attractive. If you're looking for an alto feature in a modern mode, this is the chart for you. 5-4-4-4