Geoff Keezer Series

These eight pieces are all from the pen of Geoff Keezer, one of the young "geniuses" in jazz today. All of the charts come with Full Scores and parts.

Bari Things You Do, The - Geoff Keezer - SMP 193 - Grade 3-4 - $47.00
Geoff's original music is the best! It is unique, very melodic and extremely interesting. Music from a great jazz pianist. This chart features baritone saxophone throughout. Very moderate ranges for brass. If you want to feature your bari player, this is the piece for you. 5-4-4-4 (opt. vibes) (on Demo CD 107)

Blue Landscape- Grade 2-3 - SMP 160 - $42.00
Here is a really nice blues chart with fresh, interesting lines and great ensemble passages. This chart is another of Geoff's very creative approaches to big band writing. Written with the young band in mind. (full score incl.) (on Demo CD 104)

Dragon Blues- Grade 2-3 - SMP 158 - $47.00
An "easy-to-play" blues with a very unique melody. Yet another wonderful chart from Geoff Keezer. Written with the young band in mind. Can be performed with as few as 5 brass. (full score incl.) (on Demo CD 104)

Leilani's Mirror- Grade 4-5 - SMP 159 - $47.00
This one is destined to be a classic in a short time. A marvelous melody, a great mood, a wonderfully introspective 12/8 feel, with lots of room for creative playing. Geoff Keezer at his best! For a more mature band. (full score incl.) (on Demo CD 104)

Red Tape Blues- Grade 2-3 - SMP 187 - $42.00
Geoff has scored a very hip, musical "easy-to-play" chart in the classic blues form, using his incomparable melodic and harmonic sense of things. Keezer's charts have a wonderful musicality about them, and they allow all players to experience playing world-class big band jazz. Full Score/parts for (on Demo CD 106)

Spring Wind - Geoff Keezer - SMP 192 - Grade 5 - $57.00
Finally!! A NEW drum set feature which really shows off your drummer. Steve Houghton uses this in his performances. It opens with a Cute (Hefti) - like feel (brushes and a neat, light be-bop line), goes into a Latin feel and returns to Swing. There is also solo space for trombone. As always with Geoff's charts, the music is unique, very musical and very interesting. Alto Sax 1 has a bit of flute doubling. 5-4-4-4 (opt. vibes). (on Demo CD 107)

Work Song- Nat Adderley / arr. Keezer - Grade 3-4 - SMP 127 - $37.00
Geoff has taken this well-known Nat Adderley tune and given it a breath of fresh thinking, interesting voicings, and very playable phrases. This excellent chart features any soloists you want (chord sheets included for all players), a nifty trombone/bass soli and reasonable ranges for all. (8 brass) Full Score (on Demo CD 104)

When You Go - Ray Brown / arr. Geoff Keezer - SMP 194 - Grade 4 - $52.00
An absolutely stunning feature for flugelhorn and piano!! The great bassist Ray Brown wrote this gorgeous bossa/ballad, and Geoff Keezer gave it his special, inventive touch. One of the great jazz pianists collaborates with the premier jazz bassist to create a true work of art. And, it is not difficult to play. Range is very reasonable throughout, and, the transparent, light approach Geoff takes, makes it very playable. 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 107)