Jazz Masters Series


This is a group of charts without category, hence the title.

This is superb music in every way, created by the best composer/arrangers in the business!

All of the charts come with Full Scores unless indicated otherwise. 

Big Swing Face - Bill Potts - Grade 4 - SMP 240 - $52.00

This is the "real thing", as written for and recorded by the Buddy Rich Band on the "Big Swing Face" CD. It is a medium-up swing chart that provides plenty of solo space for alto sax (al la Ernie Watts), piano (a la Ray Starling) and trumpet (a la Bobby Shew). Features a terrific saxophone section soli. Buddy's band played this one a lot! Big Band Swing at its best! 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 111)

Consonata - Dee Barton - SMP 188 - Grade 4-5 - $52.00
WOW! A new Dee Barton chart. A very hip, melodic, medium-tempo swinger, with solo space for trumpet. One of America's great jazz composers creates a long-awaited chart that will challenge your band to swing. Destined to be a best-seller! Don't miss this one. Full Score/parts for instrumentation. (on Demo CD 106)

Dee Day - Dee Barton - SMP 227 - Grade 3-4 - $47.00
Dee Barton's reputation as a composer for the Kenton band is superb. What isn't known, is how successful he is at creating very hip, but very playable charts in other styles. This is a Benny Golson-type of tune, with very sensible brass ranges and very accessible music for all. Solos for alto saxophone and trumpet. You'll really enjoy programming this chart. 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 107)

Dimples - Johnny Richards - SMP 199 - Grade 4 - $47.00

Johnny Richards is perhaps best known for his work with the Kenton band. However, this piece was written for his great New York Band and is a wonderful, melodic, "not-too-hard" chart. It features alto sax, trumpet and trombone solos. A lot of very interesting voicings. Very reasonable ranges and a great tune. 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 109)

I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' - Gershwin / arr. by Bill Potts - Grade 4-5 - SMP 920 - $57.00
If you know the marvelous 1959 recording "The Jazz Soul of Porgy & Bess", as recorded by the Bill Potts Big Band (Phil Woods, Zoot Sims, "Sweets" Edison, Art Farmer, Bob Brookmeyer, Bill Evans and others), then you know this music.  If not, you will surely fall in love with this chart.  This swinging chart features the saxophone section and a trumpet solo.  5-5-5-4

Love For Sale - arr. Pete Myers - Grade 4-5 - SMP 245 - $57.00

The Buddy Rich Band played this chart for years! A sensational arrangement of a great tune in an up-tempo setting. This is recorded on the "Big Swing Face" CD. Solo space for alto sax, trumpet, tenor sax and, of course, some wonderful drum breaks. This is "in-your-face", outrageous, exciting music, exactly as written for and recorded by the Buddy Rich band

Love Walked In - Gershwin / arr. Kim Richmond - SMP 198 - Grade 5 - $57.00
This chart is recorded on the sensational CD titled Passages by the Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra. It is a magnificent scoring of the Gershwin classic, a chart for which people have been clamoring for many years. FINALLY, it's in print! Wonderful rhythmic ideas. 5-4-4-3 (Opt. Fr.Hn, Tuba, Aux.Perc.) (on Demo CD 107)

Moten Swing - Moten-Moten / arr. Ernie Wilkins - SMP 191 - Grade 3-4 - $47.00
There have been a lot of published charts on this tune, but this is the original version as played by and recorded by the Count Basie Orchestra. This chart should be in every jazz band library! Wonderful roaring ensemble passages and soft, soft sections which will make your band sparkle. A guaranteed "winner." 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 107)

My Man's Gone Now - Gershwin / arr. by Bill Potts - Grade 4 - SMP 923 - $47.00
This is surely one of Gershwin's most beautiful melodies, and Potts arranged it to feature trumpet throughout (as recorded on the 1959 album "The Jazz Soul of Porgy & Bess", featuring the Bill Potts Big Band) .  Lush orchestration, rich harmonies, reasonable ranges and a touching ending make this chart a great choice for festival programming.  This should be in every big band book.  5-5-5-4

Nose Prints - Neil Slater - Grade 5-6 - SMP 359 - $57.00

Written for and recorded by the North Texas One O'Clock Lab Band ("Lab'99"), this chart is a wonderful mix of an even-eighth feel and swing feel with the usual, wonderfully-interesting writing of Neil Slater. Flutes and flugelhorns are needed (in addition to the usual instrumentation), and there is abundant solo space for baritone saxophone and trombone. The brass ranges are quite modest, although the piece is challenging in other ways. Great music from a great big band composer! 5-5-5-3 (on Demo CD 111)

Oh Lawd, I'm On My Way  - Gershwin / arr. by Bill Potts - Grade 5 - SMP 921 - $62.00
The quintessential Flag-Waver (as recorded on the 1959 album "The Jazz Soul of Porgy & Bess", featuring the Bill Potts Big Band), this one is a real romp through a happy tune and a brilliant chart, arranged to feature everyone in the band. Some only have 4 bars, others have more blowing space, but everyone gets their chance in the spotlight.  Great fun, great music and a great chart!   5-5-5-4

Saturnian Sleigh Ride - Shorty Rogers - Grade 4 - SMP 241 - $47.00

Boy are we proud to finally get a Shorty Rogers big band chart into print .....and this is a great one! This is the chart exactly as recorded on the "Portrait of Shorty" album (RCA). The wonderful thing about it is that it is so easy to play yet so dynamic and effective in its sound and feel. It's a medium-up swing chart with solo space for alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, piano and bass. Now that's a great chart! 5-4-4-3 (on Demo CD 111)

Search - Neil Slater - SMP 360 - Grade 3-4 - $52.00
Neil Slater, the Director of Jazz Studies at the University of North Texas, is a superb composer. This chart will be a lot of fun for your band to play. The piece is set in such a way that it is moving between a funk and a samba feel. Solo space is provided for tenor saxophone and/or guitar. The funk and samba feels work great together. The brass ranges are very reasonable. Neil wrote this one to use with the many All-State Jazz Ensembles he conducts throughout the country. 5-5-5-4 (on Demo CD 108)

Summertime - Gershwin / arr. by Bill Potts - Grade 4-5 - SMP 922 - $62.00
This is the Opener on the 1959 "The Jazz Soul of Porgy & Bess" album, and it is a great opener for any live concert as well.  It is an up-tempo, swinging version of Gershwin's tune.  Potts is a master arranger, and he brought it all to this chart.  Solo space for trumpet  and tenor saxophone.  Use this to start your concerts, and you'll never regret it.           5-5-5-4

Two Cultures -Johnny Richards - Grade 4-5 - SMP 239 - $52.00

Richards wrote this piece some years after writing the Cuban Fire Suite, but it is written very much in that vein (although it is much easier to play). It is a dynamic, energetic 6/8 Latin excursion with solo space for trumpet. Auxiliary percussion is a nice touch with this piece (although not a requirement). Johnny's contrapuntal writing and exciting rhythmic figures make this one of the greatest latin/jazz ensemble charts ever. 5-4-4-6 (opt) (on Demo CD 111)

Wave - arr. John LaBarbera - SMP 182 - Grade 4-5 - $47.00
Buddy Rich played this chart constantly! Features a great bass trombone solo on the tune. Flute doubles required on all saxophone parts. Here is a rare chance to feature the bottom of the trombone section with a beautiful Jobim melody. Full Score/parts for instrumentation. (on Demo CD 106)

When You Go - Ray Brown / arr. Geoff Keezer - SMP 194 - Grade 4 - $52.00

An absolutely stunning feature for flugelhorn and piano!! The great bassist Ray Brown wrote this gorgeous bossa/ballad, and Geoff Keezer gave it his special, inventive touch. One of the great jazz pianists collaborates with the premier jazz bassist to create a true work of art. And, it is not difficult to play. Range is very reasonable throughout, and, the transparent, light approach Geoff takes, makes it very playable. 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 107)

Wink - Neil Slater - SMP 361 - Grade 5 - $52.00

Neil Slater, the Director of Jazz Studies at the University of North Texas, is a superb composer. This chart is one of the many things he has written for and recorded with the North Texas One O'Clock Lab Band (Lab '98). 5-5-5-4 (on Demo CD 109)