Ellen Rowe Series


Ellen Rowe is a world-class jazz pianist and a very creative and original composer. Her new big-band compositions listed here will thrill you with their unique sound and their ease of performance. Ellen has a teaching position at the University of Michigan, so you know she has a mature grasp of the educational needs of today's jazz students. She has toured the world and performed with many great jazz artists, including an appearance on Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz radio show on NPR. We are thrilled to have Ellen as a part of Sierra Music. Her chart titled "At First Light" is one of our best sellers.

At First Light - Grade 2 - SMP 186 - $42.00

This is a lovely rock ballad featuring alto saxophone throughout. Ellen is a superb composer who knows how to write for young bands and still create fresh, interesting and beautiful music. The melody will stick with you, and your band will love playing this one. Full Score/parts for instrumentation. (on Demo CD 106)

Cross Currents - Grade 3-4 - SMP 185 - $52.00

What a wonderful jazz chart! The theme is stated with a bossa nova feel by tenor and flugelhorn, followed by exciting ensemble sections (highest trpt. note a written D). This is a great opportunity to feature your piano "genius". A great Festival piece ... without question! Full Score/parts for plus opt. tuba. (on Demo CD 106)

Doomsday Machine Meets Mr. Gelato, The - SMP 362 - Grade 4-5 - $52.00

Ellen has created a wild, fun-filled chart which moves seamlessly from an "afro" style 12/8 feel to a romp-stompin' swing feel. Featured with the 1998 Washington All-State Jazz Ensemble (which she conducted). 1st alto doubles on soprano sax. Lots of solo space for many different players. This is a HOT chart! 5-4-4-3 (on Demo CD 108)

Minor Mystery - SMP 368 - Grade 2 - $47.00

Ellen has created a minor blues chart for young players which is successful in every way! The melody is interesting and the ranges are quite limited. Yet, Ellen is able to create excitement and a fine musical experience for all involved ....... band and audience alike. Try this one with your younger groups. 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 109)

Three J's, The - Ellen Rowe - SMP 225 - Grade 2-3 - $42.00
Ellen has a marvelous knack for being able to write sophisticated music which is not difficult to perform. Her melodic and harmonic sense is superb. She has managed to create a blues which is fresh and interesting. Not easy to do. Features alto saxophone (with options for others) and trumpet. Excellent rhythm section parts for the young player. 5-4-4-4) (on Demo CD 107)