The Doc Severinsen Series

All of these charts can be played with 4 or 5 trumpets and 3 or 4 trombones.

When appropriate, solo parts are provided for a variety of instruments in addition to trumpet.

Begin the Beguine - arr. by Bill Holman - Grade 5 - SMP 950 -  $67.00

As recorded on "Tonight Show Band, Vol. 1" (Amherst), Holman has set this wonderful standard in a hard-driving swing, with lots of great ensemble section writing. The piece features a challenging trumpet solo and also a tenor saxophone solo.  This chart was played on-air countless times on the old Carson show.  Johnny loved it, and so will you and your band.  5-5-4-4 (on demo CD 117)

Bugle Call Rag - arr. by Bill Holman - Grade 5 - SMP 951 - $67.00

As recorded by the Tonight Show Band on "Once More With Feeling" (Amherst),  this wonderful chart is the hottest "flag-waver" of all time. Holman starts things out with the trumpet section's "call to arms," and things swing on from there.  There is, of course, a trumpet solo and also room for an extensive tenor saxophone solo.  Everything builds to a strong, exciting ending.  You'll love it.  5-5-4-3  (on demo CD 117)

Doctor is Out, The     by Bob Curnow  - Grade 4-5 - SMP 983 - $67.00

This was written for Doc to be premiered at the Midwest Band & Orchestra Conference. It is a bright, swinging chart that features trumpet throughout (of course).  This can be performed with an out-in-front soloist or within the trumpet section with 4 players only. The harmonic pattern is terrific, and there is a lot of room for the soloist to improvise.   The band parts are not too difficult.  5-5-4-4  (on demo CD 117)

Honeysuckle Rose - arr. by Bill Holman - Grade 5 - SMP 952 - $67.00

As recorded by the Tonight Show Band on "Once More With Feeling" (Amherst), this bright, swinging chart is a blast !  Bill Holman is at his best, weaving descending unison lines with the tune stated by trumpet and tenor sax (both of which are given solo space).  Fats Waller would have loved this, especially the great "shout" chorus. Reasonable ranges throughout.    5-5-4-3  (on demo CD 117)

Just Friends - arr. by Tommy Newsom - Grade 4-5 - SMP 953 - $67.00

As recorded by the Tonight Show Band on "Once More With Feeling" (Amherst), this is one of Tommy's "classic" charts .... swinging, inventive and just plain wonderful.  The arrangement moves through a series of key changes to great effect, and there is solo space for trumpet.  The ensemble writing is superb, and swings out to a great ending.  Johnny Carson loved this chart. You will too.    5-5-4-4  (on demo CD 117)

O Sole Mio (Pro)  - arr. by Bob Curnow - Grade 4 - SMP 991 -  $52.00

If you're familiar with the great chart on "I Can't Stop Loving You" that was created for the Basie Band, then you know what this one is about. This tune is set in a heavy shuffle feel, with lots of Basie-type, swinging ensemble work. This was written especially to feature Doc at the  Midwest Band & Orchestra Conference, and  trumpet is featured throughout. This one comes with a guarantee that your audiences will love it.      5-5-4-4    (on demo CD 117)

Oblivion (Pro)  - Astor Piazzolla - arr. by Bob Curnow - Grade 4 - SMP 985 - $49.00

Piazzolla wrote many beautiful melodies, and this one is perhaps the most haunting.  This particular arrangement was written for Doc Severinsen, and is a flugelhorn solo throughout, with very reasonable ranges for all.  This is one of those rare charts that is easy to play but will be an appropriate part of any big band library.  Piazzolla's music is very popular, and this chart will thrill your band and your audiences ....... guaranteed!   5-4-4-4 (plus soloist)    (as on demo CD 115, but a major second higher)

Poor Butterfly  - arr. by John Bambridge - Grade 4-5 - SMP 954 - $52.00

As recorded by the Tonight Show Band on "Once More With Feeling" (Amherst), John's arrangement (to quote Doc Severinsen), is a "masterpiece."  We agree with that. The trumpet solo part is very short and can easily be played within a section of 4 trumpets. Wonderful ensemble writing is the key feature of this marvelous arrangement. It moves beautifully through a series of key changes, with lead tpt. only to a written high D.  This is a very playable and special chart.   5-4-4-3  (on demo CD 117)

Serenade in Blue - arr. by Bill Holman - Grade 4 - SMP 955 - $52.00

As recorded on "Tonight Show Band, Vol. 2" (Amherst),  Holman has  created a warm and wonderful chart on this superb standard.  Set in a "swingy ballad" feel, it features a short trumpet solo (in the 1st tpt. part),  with mostly ensemble playing throughout.  Standard saxophone parts are available, or you can use the parts with the clarinet doubles in 4 parts and bs. cl. in the baritone part.  5-4-4-4  (on demo CD 117)

St. Louis Blues  - arr. by Bill Holman - Grade 5 - SMP 956 -  $67.00

As recorded by the Tonight Show Band on "Once More With Feeling" (Amherst), Holman takes a fresh look at this wonderful old jazz standard.  Lots of flexible solo space and roaring "shout" choruses make this chart everything you've come to expect from Bill Holman .... and more.     5-5-4-3  (on demo CD 117)

Stardust - arr. by Tommy Newsom - Grade 4-5 - SMP 957 - $52.00

As recorded on "Tonight Show Band, Vol. 2" (Amherst),  this wonderful arrangement by the late, great Tommy Newsom features trumpet throughout.  There is marvelous ensemble writing, set in a "swingy ballad" feel.  It is very rare to have such a masterful big band chart on such a well-known standard tune.  5-5-4-3 (on demo CD 117)

Take the "A" Train  - arr. by Bill Holman - Grade 5 - SMP 958 - $95.00

As recorded on "Tonight Show Band, Vol. 2" (Amherst),  this chart won a Grammy for best big band arrangement.  Holman took this great standard, put it in 3/4, and wrote scintillating counter lines that weave their way through the whole arrangement. Solo space for trumpet, and roaring ensemble passages make this chart something that should be in every big band library in the world.  5-5-4-3  (on demo CD 117)

World is Waiting for the Sunrise, The  - arr. by Bill Holman - Grade 5 - SMP 959 - $67.00

This wonderful chart is recorded on "Tonight Show Band, Vol. 2" (Amherst).  Once again, Holman takes a fresh look at a great standard tune.  Although the piccolo, flute and clarinet doubles make this a special chart, the piece can be easily and effectively performed without the doubles.  This moves from a quasi rock feel into a fast swing.  There is solo space for trumpet and tenor saxophone.  5-4-4-3  (on demo CD 117)