Fred Stride Series

Fred has been a successful composer for many years, having written for just about any conceivable group or situation, including the Winter Olympics and 100's of jazz bands across North America. His three charts cover a lot of territory. We are pleased that Fred has joined us with his great talent. We've had great acceptance of Fred's chart "Something for Ernie" and "Missing You."

Cool Ones, The - SMP 363 - Grade 4-5 - $52.00
If you have three "hot" trumpet players, this will be a great chart for you. Actually, it features 3 players on flugelhorns, with a very hip, funky, moderate groove that just feels terrific! Brass ranges are very reasonable, and the whole chart just works great! The 3 players also have lots of "blowing" space. A guaranteed "winner" for your band. 5-5-4-4 (opt. aux. perc.) (on Demo CD 108)

Filigree - Grade 3-4 - SMP 254 - $47.00
Here is a chance to dazzle your audiences and  show off the Trumpet Section, without a lot of hassle.  This is a wonderful section-feature for Trumpets in a ballad style.  Fred has written a beautiful melody and harmonies without making the music too difficult to play.  Very limited brass ranges (1st Tpt. has one written C above the staff) and no improvised solos make this a very desirable chart.  Great for Festival programming.  5-4-4-4   (on demo CD 113)

From the Top - Grade 4 - SMP 183 - $47.00
A hard-swinging, shuffle blues (a la the great Thad Jones) with a fresh, happy feeling. Solo space for piano, alto sax, trombone and trumpet. A great Opener for any performance. This is a highly recommended chart! Full Score/parts for w/opt. vibes part. (on Demo CD 106)

Gray Skies - SMP 366 Grade 3 - $47.00

A wonderfully quiet, pensive piece which fills a big void in today's big band jazz literature. Somewhat akin to Hefti's classic Li'l Darlin', but very original in concept. There is solo space for tenor saxophone. If you're looking for a nice contrast piece for your programs, this is the one for you. All ranges are easy. 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 109)

Into the Light - Grade 3-4 - SMP 255 - $52.00
Fred has created a highly original Rock/Fusion piece,  which uses a recurring bass line and wonderful counterpoint throughout.  This chart is contagious, and your band is sure to love playing it.  Very reasonable ranges (1st Tpt. written Bb above staff) make this very playable. The solo section is open for solos by Tenor Sax or Trumpet or Trombone or any of the Rhythm Section players of your choosing. Guaranteed to bring the house down!
5-4-4-4  (on Demo CD 113)

Little Static Cling, A - Fred Stride - Grade 3 - SMP 243 - $47.00

Cute! Clever! Catchy! Very playable! It all fits with Fred's newest creation for young players. It is a medium-rock tempo with open sections for soloists of your choice. There is also a drum solo section with brass figures behind it which builds nicely to the "shout" chorus. This is a neat chart! Your band will love it! 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 111)

Missing You (short version) - SMP 364 - Grade 2 - $42.00
When you first hear this beautiful melody, you'll be pleased that you chose this chart. It is a feature for alto saxophone throughout, and will make a wonderful selection for a festival program. All of the parts are very easy to play, especially the band parts. This will be a "hit" with your alto soloist! 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 108)

Missing You (pro version) - SMP 365 - Grade 3-4 - $52.00
Fred wrote this version first, before creating the shorter, easier version. This also features alto saxophone throughout, but it has a long, double-time section in which the soloist can really "stretch out" and improvise on the changes. A terrific melody and a beautifully crafted chart! 5-4-4-4

Sax-Accord - Fred Stride - Grade 3 - SMP 248 - $47.00
Here is a wonderful section feature for saxophones in a ballad style. Fred has written a beautiful melody and harmonies without making the music difficult to play. Very limited brass ranges and no improvised solos make this a chart for everyone. Here's a chance to show off the saxes without a lot of hassle. Great for Festival programming. 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 112)

Sea Spray - Fred Stride - Grade 3 - SMP 242 - $47.00

Fred has written a wonderful medium-tempo bossa nova chart with a nice solo exposure for guitar (or piano if no guitar). The piece is very "smooth" in its effect, with changing textures throughout. All ranges are quite modest, and the chart can be performed very successfully by most bands. This is a great "contrast" piece for your programming. 5-4-4-5 (opt. aux. perc.) (on demo CD 111)

Something for Ernie (Nothing For Bert) - Grade 3-4 - SMP 184 - $47.00
A great title and an even better chart! Fred has created a tune which is hard to forget, along with a terrific arrangement that has very reasonable ranges for all (1st trpt. written A). Tenor sax solo leads to a knock-out shout chorus. Full Score/parts for (on Demo CD 106)

Soft Winds - SMP 367 - Grade 4 - $52.00

Fred wrote this exceptional latin chart to feature tenor saxophone on a written and improvised solo. Once again, the ranges are all very reasonable, and the chart is fresh, interesting and very exciting! 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 109)

Spanish Banks - SMP 328 - Grade 5 - $57.00
Fred captures the samba feel beautifully in this one. And yet, there is a great deal of variety and interest created by his fresh approach. There is solo space for trumpet. Everyone can sink their collective teeth into this chart with the guarantee of a terrific piece which will fit well on any jazz program. 5-5-4-4 (opt. aux. perc.) (on Demo CD 107)

Whirlwind - Fred Stride - Grade 3-4 - SMP 249 - $52.00
This is a nifty trumpet section feature, written with the young player in mind. This will surely become a very popular piece once it is heard. Very reasonable ranges make this chart very playable. The trumpets romp through a bebop-type melody, and the saxes and trombones spell them with some very clever counter figures. It's all based in a swing feel that feels good! All players will love playing this one. 5-4-4-4 (on Demo CD 112)