Bob Curnow & the SWR Big Band

"This is a phenomenal collection of big band arranging by any standard. In short, this epic, this monster of a project is nothing short of majestic in its impact!"- J.R.Killoch, Mainly Big Bands

"Bob Curnow's impressive efforts/results as a composer/arranger are of unarguable excellence: he consistently writes fresh material that carries rich and solid firmament for musicians to chew on as they interpret his music."- Herb Wong, Jazz Education Journal

"Are German bands eligible for the Grammy Awards? Quick, someone find a rule book!"- Jack Bowers, Jazz Writer / Reviewer

"It is truly remarkable in many ways! The writing is some of the best I have heard in years, the performances are first-rate and show great passion for the music, and the choice of material is as fine as I have heard."- Leon Breeden, Professor Emeritus, Univ. of North Texas

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This CD includes 10 charts, all published by Sierra Music. The instrumentation is 5-4-4-4. It provides wonderful, inspired, full-length performances of the following pieces:

Towednack (Home Parish) - SMP 345 (an original, Celtic-influenced, 8 1/2 minute tour de force)

Too Soon Tomorrow
- SMP 221 (a gorgeous setting of this Pat Metheny ballad)

Kenton Kollage
- SMP 571 (a fresh look at 9 tunes made famous by Kenton, fun stuff)

Of Another Time
- SMP 111 (a ballad tribute to the memory of Kenton)

Keystone Shuffle
- SMP 346 (an off-the-wall, left-handed blues, featuring great jazz playing and roaring ensembles)

Not To Be Forgotten (Pro)
- SMP 224 (another touching ballad by Metheny, beautifully scored and played)

Spencer Is Here!
- SMP 206 (a fun-filled, swinging chart announcing the arrival of a new grandson)

- SMP 244 (a Metheny & Lyle Mays collaboration, multi-meter excitement as arranged by Bob)

Lullaby Waltz
- SMP 205 (an original, lovely two-mood piece featuring trombone and tenor saxophone)

Riverdance -
SMP 207 (the title piece from the show, featuring a great chart and amazing performances)

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In concert in the Ulmer Theatre, Ulm, Germany - May 6, 2002 - In rehearsal at the Villa Berg, Stuttgart, Germany (photos: Karin Farrent)