Great Music From Sierra Publications

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Baker, David Series

Basie, Count charts (see home page)

Carter, Benny Series (all written for the Count Basie Band)

Christmas Music (Big Band)  (Ralph Carmichael, Bob Curnow and Ted Wilson charts)

Curnow, Bob Series

Ferguson, Maynard Series (mostly the Birdland "DreamBand" charts)

Hearle, Dan Series

Holman, Bill Series (also look in the Kenton Series)

Hooper, Les Series

Jazz Classics Series   (various wonderful charts ... also the New Composers Series)

Jazz Masters Series  (Dee Barton, John LaBarbera, Rob Pronk, Johnny Richards, Kim Richmond, Neil Slater, Pete Myers, Ernie Wilkins)
Keezer, Geoff Series

Kenton, Stan Series (contains a lot of charts by Bill Holman and, of course, many others)

Metheny, Pat (arr. Curnow) Series

Nelson, Oliver Series

Potts, Bill Series

Rich, Buddy charts (see home page)

Rogers, Shorty Series

Rowe, Ellen Series

Sebesky, Don Series

Severinsen, Doc

Stride, Fred Series

Sturm, Fred Series (arrangements of the music of Astor Piazzolla)

Trombone Quartet Series